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"what’s your sexual orientation"



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oh my god

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Who asked you, Saru?!

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see heaven’s got a plan for  y o u

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"What are you looking at?" Stiles scoffs, feeling himself blush under the werewolf’s intense stare. He knows he can’t hide the way it makes his heart skip a beat.

Derek only tilts his head to the side, a soft smile playing on his lips.


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When October Jones (previously featured here) isn’t sharing text messages sent by his dog or transforming his fellow train commuters by drawing new heads for them on post-it notes, he’s creating awesomely empowering messages and leaving them for his fellow travelers to find inside seatback trays on the train.

Follow October Jones on Twitter for more of his entertaining and inspirational sticky note escapades.

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puppies are touchable happiness 

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